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Passive Radon Systems: Buyer Beware!

Radon-resistant new construction (RRNC) is quickly becoming a hot topic for new homes and buildings. Radon-resistant new construction techniques control radon gas entry through the installation of a

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The Benefits of Downsizing When You Retire

If you’re taking a look at your expenses as you retire, saving money where you can has a lot of appeal. One long-standing, popular way to do that is by downsizing to a smaller home

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Why Your Credit Karma Scores Might Be Higher Than Your FICO Scores

You’ve probably heard of Credit Karma – even the name sounds nice, doesn’t it? But, despite that, you’d be surprised how many borrowers are shocked that their Credit Karma

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Why There Won’t Be a Recession That Tanks the Housing Market

There’s been a lot of recession talk over the past couple of years. And that may leave you worried we’re headed for a repeat of what we saw back in 2008. Here’s a look at the

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