Get PreApproved


Explore all your options and make comparisons!

Shopping for a new home is a fun and exciting process, but if you want to be taken seriously when you write that offer, you need to start the home-buying process with Michelle and a Lender, not previewing homes and going to open houses.

Just like you can't drive a car without a learner's permit... You can't buy a house without a PreApproval

The last thing Michelle wants is for you to fall in love with a home, and then see it slip away - because Sellers are requiring that PreApproval Letter before they will even consider an offer.

Put your trust in Michelle... She will lead the way to make the home-buying process fun, starting with the PreApproval, so it saves you the heartache later.

PreQualification -vs- PreApproval

Simply put... a PreQualification can get you on the road to homeownership, but it does not prove that you can go the distance. Take the time to get the PreApproval to ensure you are in the fast lane!

In more detail, a PreQualification is a good first step to see if you are financially ready to buy a home. It is usually based on an informal evaluation of your finances by a Lender.

Whereas a PreApproval is an actual offer from a Lender to loan you a certain amount under specific terms, after a much more detailed evaluation of your finances.

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